Where I am and how I got here

Hey! I’m Zane I’m 30 and 2017 has been the year something has just clicked and I’ve changed.


I’ve started a new eating plan and as corny as it sounds way of life. I don’t want this to sound like one of those standard change my life look at me diet blogs! That’s not what I want at all, I’ve decided to start this blog as somewhere I can vent, share my experiences and get support off others; an extension really of my Instagram. Through the little Insta community I have learnt so much, I follow other people’s stories, gained support and inspiration.  But sometimes it’s hard to be able to share everything you want to!


I don’t really know how it came about, not the decision I needed to lose weight, that was obvious. I was feeling and in my opinion looking like a beached whale, especially after the Christmas period and being away over new year!


Bad photo but total eye opener!

I’ve tried nearly every diet going; slimming world, calorie counting on my fitness pal, the 5:2 diet and yes I lost weight but never the amount I really needed to, it was more of a short term fix and then I got bored and craved all the bad food again or got sick of eating tomato based food and pasta!


I think it was back in 2011 I really started dieting and had my first taste of slimming world, I found it easy and I enjoyed it. Lost about a stone in weight and was happy being down to 12 stone. Then life got turned upside down, I’d had a lump in my neck for about a year at least, but was told by doctors “oh that’s just a gland, nothing to worry about!”

Around Feb 2011 I tried a new fake tan and took a reaction to it and a rash appeared all over my body, I didn’t take much notice as it disappeared after a few days, apart from around my neck and collar bone. The rash was so itchy and raw and the lump on my right side seemed to flare up every time the rash did and then went down again.


To cut a long story short, after seeing multiple doctors, chemists and more doctors a locum doctor finally listened to me and sent me off for tests. The conclusion after a long drawn out process was I had stage 1a Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Extremely lucky, this was treatable and curable so my chemo began for 5 months.

Looking back my mind always wonders was my weigh loss down to the slimming world diet I had stuck to or was it the cancer? Weight loss was a symptom of my cancer after all.

Anyway throughout treatment and for probably about 9 months after my weight stayed the same, my body shape had changed loads (maybe not to others, but to me it had). And I’d got into a new way of eating, doctors and nurses were telling me to eat healthy but I just couldn’t, I mean who gets excited over vegetables or salad? One professional told me to just eat what I wanted when I wanted, even if it was chocolate cake for breakfast, because it was better I was eating than not at all. I only ever seemed to want to eat really salty food or potato waffles or takeaways because they were tasty, I had to psych up myself to eat most of the time.


So yeah cancer and chemo definitely had an affect on my diet and way of eating. Then, I can’t remember exactly when, but I had stopped treatment and was in remission my Dr (new Dr and new practice now) referred me onto the Health Wise scheme in the local leisure centre to start going to the gym and building up my body again. I was attending Pilates once a week but this was to do more and get me ready to return to work. I completed it but boy I hated it, it was so boring.  I think this was the point I was like no gyms are not for me, I couldn’t understand why anyone would go or enjoy it, I didn’t get that buzz everyone talked about after you’d been!

Image result for hsc logo

Then over the next 5 or so years I tried the different diets like I said before and the only exercise I would have done with them would have been walking or swimming, but that was just as yo-yo as the diets themselves.


I was still having regular hospital appointments and although they encouraged a healthy diet and exercise they didn’t want me losing a lot of weight. Mind you I don’t think I was meant to keep putting on just so much!


So at the heaviest I have ever been 14 stone, 11 pounds (OMG I can’t believe I’m sharing that!) or as I’ve been told by my amazing and motivational fitness instructor (I’ll tell you more about her) the HEAVIEST I EVER WILL BE. I made the decision it was time to get my ass into gear, something just clicked with me!


In January 2017 I started the gym and eating the Lean in 15 way.  This blog is for me to share my journey to a healthier and fitter lifestyle and to hopefully gain additional support and inspiration.  Before I would have talked about diets in my other main blog and embarrassingly it was also about getting hits and views.  But this time this is something I’ve been doing for me, I don’t share info and pics on my Facebook or look for follows from friends or strangers.  I’m being selfish and this is for me!

Nevertheless I’d love to hear your inputs, suggestions and stories and hopefully we can motivate each other!



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