Is it always mind over matter?

Right now I’m feeling so frustrated, getting back from my holiday in Iceland I was roaring an ready to get onto cycle 2 and my new exercise programme in the gym! Unfortunately last week I fell and damaged my ribs and shoulder so my movement is limited, exercise is out the window for a while, even the movement from walking hurts. 

At the start of the week I was sticking to the clean eating and my lean in 15 meals but then I developed a throat infection and am barely eating! I even went to the gym with my friend, I was so angry and frustrated with my body because I couldn’t do anything, however I enjoyed encouraging her, showing her what to do and catching up with my fitness instructor. Flip you would think I actually know what I’m doing in the gym; I really don’t I was just showing her htewhat programme I’d been doing over the last month. 

It’s been over a week since my fall and if anything I am feeling worse! My mind and motivation are going crazy to get back to it all but my body just can’t do it! So I’m planning on full rest this weekend and hoping to feel better and get back on it asap!!!!


5 thoughts on “Is it always mind over matter?

      1. 100% and it’s the not knowing when I’m going to be able to get back. I tried some light stuff at the gym the other day but just couldn’t do it. I ended up just supporting my friend instead, so at least I’ve not given up but I’m not going to be silly and push myself and get worse. Just had a read at some of your posts, especially the one about exercise and illness, it was really good. I was able to like it, but somehow I couldn’t find how to comment using this on my phone xx


      2. Definitely take care of yourself, I think it’s good that you’re listening to your body, especially since you don’t want to further end up hurting yourself. Thanks for the read! I learnt the hard way last week that ignoring your body is a horrible idea, haha.

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