The first cycle

As I said in my first post it was after the New Year and a friend’s birthday I decided to make changes. Over the holidays I stocked up on Joe Wicks’ Lean in 15 books. A bargain at £8 in Tesco, plus the extra allure of clubcard points.

Initally I just bought the Red book to get an idea of what to do as I couldn’t afford to sign up to the online plan Joe offers.  So pretty much my journey is doing it myself with the help of the online instagram Lean in 15 family. It’s not an actual group, but it’s what I like to call those I follow, those who follow me and the ones who give constant support and inspiration.  As time went on and the price stayed the same I decided to buy the other books, one for a better idea of what was to come, but more importantly for more recipe ideas.

Initially I was a little unsure of some of the recipes, but I trusted in Joe and his recipes and every recipe I tried bar maybe three I loved! Really easy to make and follow and really tasty and filling. Can’t say I was ever hungry once!!

So the way cycle 1 worked was I ate 3 reduced carb and as much as possible high protein meals with 2 snacks a day. Then on the days I exercised I had a refuel carb meal after my exercise session.

I have to admit the majority of my breakfasts were the smoothies as they were quick and easy to make and I could drink them on my way into work. Joe does encourage you to eat rather than just using the smoothies, but as someone who never ate breakfast I thought this was a good step for me.

Looking at the food I was eating you can see how this is more of a way of life rather than a diet. With a range of different recipes in my opinion you really don’t feel like you are missing out on anything. As a major crisp addict I thought it would be hard giving them up or that I would be craving them but I didn’t. I didn’t even crave sweets, fizzy drinks or take aways! Strangely the one thing I did really crave was Weetabix with ice cold milk (no sugar on top, like I would have had).

Now this is not to say it was easy, no not at all. For the first 5 or so days I had a terrible headache, all the badness coming out of me lol, but with that, it did pass. With the help of a lot of water too.

As for exercise I was really interested in the short HITT workouts.  Looking into it more though I thought realistically and knew I wouldn’t do it or at least keep up with it at home.  That’s when I looked into the gym.  Initally I was going to try the different free trails at the local gyms, but after meeting Elaine my current fitness instructor I decided to stick to the first place I tried.  

From then on I went to the gym at least three times a week straight after work.

30 days went by and I completed my first 30 day cycle just before I headed off on my holidays to Iceland.  At this point I knew I would have to take a break as no way could I even afford to eat the lean in 15 way, as the prices of anything out there are extortionate! 

Not the best before and after pick but you can kind of see a difference even in my face and upper body alone.

Photos and clothes are the way in which I’ve decided to watch my weight difference as for me on the scales I only lost 4pounds. But definitely you could see more off me as other people who don’t know I’m doing this were commenting.

So the plan after Iceland was an extra week on the first cycle to try and combat the diet and exercise change on holiday.  Then straight into my update gym routine and cycle 2 of Lean in 15.


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