Bring it on Lean in 15!

Week one, cycle one of Lean in 15, I’m fully prepped and ready to go again, no excuses! 

Week one’s food/meal plan complete

Shopping for the week complete ✔

Its been documented quite a lot that the Lean in 15 lifestyle is extremely expensive do, however I have to say I’ve not found this.  Yes I buy the ingredients I need but I buy own brand foods or those on offer and like Joe himself says buy in bulk. You also find a lot of the food lasts you, take the almond butter for example.  Before I started this I would never have spent £3 on a jar of nut butter, but when you think about it £3 is about the price you’d pay for a coffee if you were out.

I also shop about when I can, altogether the food above cost about £40. That will do me for the week ahead as I have the meat I need at home. 

Another thing I learnt first time round was to try and pick meal recipes that used some of the same ingredients, so I wasn’t buying food with a short shelf life for just one meal. I also tried to make sure I really checked dates and stored things properly as first time round I ended up throwing out a lot of fresh food that had gone off.

Food prep complete ✔

Here’s a sneak peak of tomorrow’s lunch – Sizzling Sausages and Beans.  To keep me on track I also post each of my meals and snacks on my instagram page @will_be_lean_ but not to worry I will also share on here, probably a weekly update.


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