Stop, Reassess and Repeat 

Hands up as much as I never lost my inner motivation for my new health and fitness lifestyle.  The set back with the gym, my injury, feeling ill and my initial holiday has set me back. 

I’ve relapsed into eating bad food, not planning and prepping my food and therefore not eating regularly.

So today I am stopping, reassessing and repeating! 

  • Stopping these bad eating habits
  • Reassessing what I will eat, how I feel and how I want to feel
  • Repeating, I’ve decided I’m going to repeat cycle 1

In my head I have a voice that says “but you’re moving back”. Yes everything I said above there has set me back, but im learning from it and to enable myself to move forward I need to get back into the routine.  Looking back there are things I need to tweak slightly and do my best to make sure I’m having a varied diet, even though the majority of it will be redcued carbs as I don’t know when I’ll be able to get back exercising properly again.

I’ve lost the control of when I can get to the gym and for my body to do what I want, but I have full control over what and when I eat!

Looking forward to the next week of meals I’ve and to ditch this sluggish mood.


3 thoughts on “Stop, Reassess and Repeat 

  1. I think it’s great that you’ve taken the time to reassess your situation. I think it’s so easy to look at fitness and healthy living as linear but there are bound to be ups and downs. Sounds like you have a good plan moving forward. All the best!

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