Flat as a pancake

Of course with it being Pancake Tuesday/Shrove Tuesday there would be the obligatory pancake post.

On and off I have tried and tested a range of protein pancake reciepes and never found one I liked until now.  I’ve tried those ones with oats in them and the ones with banana and find them all disgusting (I don’t like banana flavoured things).

Then finally on Facebook a friend had shared a post for these protein pancakes that a) actually looked like pancakes and b) didn’t include banana or oats!

So tonight trying to stay as on plan as possible; I know I wasn’t at the gym so shouldn’t have had pancakes, but I thought these protein ones would be better than the ‘normal’ kind I could have made. Anyway, I made the batter which was easy and cooked them, I have to say they were a bit tricky to flip because they still stay a bit runny.

As you can see, after some flipping practice they looked good and they smelt delicious! Initially they tasted good too, maybe a little sweet and a different texture to ‘normal’ ones.

However after eating about a quarter of them I had to stop because my tongue started to itch, tingle and burn. The way I would get sometimes with pineapple, so obviously I must be allergic to something. The same thing happened to me when I tried a protein bar, yet I’m ok when I add protein to my smoothies (following Joe’s recipes).

Has anyone else experienced this before, do you know what might be causing it? Any answers, tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!


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